LifeRight Partners
Pricing Packages

Choose a plan and let’s begin our partnership

Gold $50

per month

LifeRight quote engine

Needs analysis

Health analysis

Personalized website

Basic analytics

Training and on-boarding

Professional case status and underwriting

Lead generation services

Basic marketing support

In force service

$50 set-up fee

Platinum $70

per month

Everything in GOLD, plus:

Advanced analytics

Sales staff LiveChat

Advanced marketing support

Branding support

Customer follow-up (optional)

$70 set-up fee



  • You will be in constant contact with LifeRight support, including weekly underwriting status on each “drop ticket” case as it moves from pending to placed.

  • If you have a life insurance license in every State you plan to market and make sales in, then you are ready to sign up and begin. We will first have you appointed to sell with each carrier you have selected. You will receive full compensation on every case that goes through underwriting and is placed in force. Compensation will be paid as reflected by the modal premium selected.

    If you do not have an active life license, you can still work with us to offer these opportunities to your clients and contacts. Contact us directly to discuss our ability to personalize services for your specific situation.

  • Platinum Package participants will enjoy a LiveChat feature on their landing site and quoter. The LiveChat feature is monitored by a life licensed staff member. Your prospects and clients will be able to have their questions answered and have assistance while “dropping their ticket”. LiveChat is available during normal business hours.

  • We are not a lead-gen company. We are here to make leads convert into real applications at a minimal cost to you with zero hassle. That said, we can provide you with lead-gen company alternatives that you may contact and work with as you see fit.

  • From when you choose the plan to the day you are given the personalized URL, it should be a few weeks. Your carrier appointments will be handled as quickly as possible once you complete the necessary paperwork. We strive to make every step of the process quick and easy so you can be actively using LifeRight and producing “paid” cases.